Sunday, March 7, 2010

6 feet high and Risin'

Yesterday, we took a drive (again) to the Salton Sea area. Mainly we went on an expedition to shoot Salvation Mountain. Photos will be available after the appropriate wait for developing, processing and scanning...ah the good old days of film.

Anyway, we spent quite a while at Salvation Mountain which you have to see to believe. This was built by Leonard Knight (see his website here) and reminds me of the old House of Depression in Vineland, NJ back in the day.

Photographs notwithstanding, the highlight of our day was at Bombay Beach. It was pretty crowded (about 7 photographers) and 5 of us gathered around a small spot on the beach to shoot the pelicans. Diana had struck up a conversation with a fellow named Jimmy Clinton.

Next thing you know, we are all involved in a political conversation centering on everything from the present administration to the Bilderburgers. What was amazing was here we were in the middle of nowhere, 7 photographers gathered around some stinky water and everyone of us was deeply concerned about the U.S. and where we are headed as a nation.

To a man (and two women) we talked mostly about the fact that we seven were a microcosm of the nation. Here we are in "liberal" California and not one of us supported the current administration. NOT ONE! A new American Revolution is on the way and it's time to vote out of office ALL INCUMBENTS! We have to start over folks. If you love your country, it's time to take it back.

To the politicians...It is 6 Feet high and rising.

And to Jimmy Clinton...thanks for a very stimulating end to a great day of shooting. Hope to see you soon...but not Belize. Well, maybe.

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