Friday, March 5, 2010

Random thoughts

Actually, all of my thoughts are random. Guess it's the ADD thing.

Anyway, I just got back from our lab ProPhoto in Irvine, Ca. The owner, Kornel Schorle, printed a few of my pinholes on Kodak Metallic Paper. WOW! These are color balanced and archival printed with lasers. Who would of thunk? Before I digress too far, Kornel is the most talented photographer I know. His work is stunning. Turns out, incidentally, that we were all in the Salton Sea at the same time without either of us knowing it. He is coming out with a new book and postcard sets you need to see to believe. I would suggest you write Kornel and ask about these. You will be blown away.
His e-mail is

The detail in these prints is awesome and the color fantastic. These are going into an exhibit and will be 11x11, matted in 20x20 heavy museum board and framed in black brushed metal frames. These will be available in limited edition signed pieces for $350.00.

I have shipped some of these without the glass being broken (just so you know) so we cross our fingers everytime we ship and we do not guarantee the glass for breakage. However, to protect the print, the glass is not installed, rather packed separately to avoid damage. You have to install the enclosed glass yourself.

If anyone is interested in these prints, please let us know which pinhole you want and we will take care of it for you. We accept PayPal and Diana is putting a PayPal button up on the site today.

Individually matted prints are available without frames for $200.00 (framing is expensive so, if you want just a matted print, they are available.

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