Sunday, February 28, 2010

We're finally back.

I must tell you that this has been the most horrendous 2 years of our lives. The stress of having a sphyncter muscle enter every aspect of your life was awful to say the least.

But now we can celebrate. As of last week it is all a distant memory...well, not all that distant, but a memory nonetheless and we can get back to being creative and shooting with our favorite little cameras; the Pinhole.

I know some of you have wondered which cameras we use and which ones to buy. My two favorites are my Zero 4x5 with two extensions which makes a 75mm wide angle. Since Polaroid is still unavailable, I bought 20 4x5 holders that I will load with Ektar and scan.

My absolute favorite is still the Zero 2000 Deluxe. I use it almost exclusively and the photographs in November's Shutterbug were all taken with the Zero 2000. All of my cameras are listed there.

Diana's pin is one of the last Chinese pinholes made and has a metal body complete with a viewfinder and is multi format 6x4.5 and 6x6. She's not quite as obsessive compulsive as I am about pins, prefering her digital Canons.

Anyway, we are back and we have a few shows coming up soon. The display pieces will all be 11x11 printed on Kodak Laser Metallic Paper, matted and framed in 20x20. We are still seeking a representative in the U.S.

So, now we can get on with jois d'vivre and enjoy ourselves once again. Stay tuned. We are back for good. Let me leave today's post with one admonition; NEVER, EVER take on a business partner who promises the moon. It ain't happening!

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